Hamilton Co. deputies and school officials search for traps after NewsChannel9 story airs

Hamilton Co. deputies and school officials search for traps after NewsChannel9 story airs (Photo: WTVC)


After the stories aired, the HCDE trimmed the bushes in the area and added a No Trespassing sign to the property.


Traps on a ATV trail are now gone after we alerted Hamilton County and the school system about what neighbors found behind their homes.

A woman who lives near the trail says she began her daily walk when she found at least 25 pieces of wood with nails sticking out of them.

Part of the property is owned by the Hamilton County Department of Education, who posted these signs.

The other part is owned by private landowners, like Steve Corbin.

"In the summer time this place is lit up. I mean, you got people - you can see license tags from Georgia and just all over. They'll come up here with their trailers and just take off riding," Corbin said.

Tuesday, we sent pictures of what neighbors found to the Hamilton County Department of Education.

Wednesday, they sent out maintenance workers.

"I think it's real good that at least someone is taken notice of it [and] coming out here and checking to see what is going on," added Corbin.

Wednesday morning, those workers drove a Bobcat up and down the trails searching for the traps and cleaning up garbage.

They didn't find anything.

Corbin says it's what everyone's talking about.

"I've been getting phone call after phone call about this and a lot of people are really apprehensive about it and even coming over here and riding," he said.

Wednesday afternoon Hamilton County Sheriff Deputies showed up.

"I seen the police when I was sitting on the deck. [They were] looking around and what not," said Corbin.

Deputies walked the trails up and down searching for any signs of the traps.

One deputy told us they never found anything.

Corbin plans to continue riding his four wheeler and hopes whoever made the traps, doesn't do it again.

A TVA spokesperson tells us the TVA police are aware of the situation, and the lineman who work near the trails have been warned to be on the lookout for any traps.

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