Cleveland doctor's office accused of defrauding millions from military health insurance

ChoiceMD is a walk-in clinic that also offers massage therapy and Botox treatments. (Image: WTVC)

A federal prosecutor has accused the owners of a Cleveland, Tennessee doctor's office of using Marines to defraud the military's health insurance.

CHOICE MD in Cleveland is a walk-in clinic that also offers massage therapy and Botox treatments.

The US Attorney's office says the owners of the clinic, Jimmy and Ashley Collins, paid doctors there to write drug prescriptions to Marines in San Diego, California for profit.

In the federal complaint document, attorneys say that between December 2014 and May 2015, CHOICE MD paid its doctors to write 3,759 prescriptions for TRICARE patients.

TRICARE is the military's health insurance provider.

In that time.. the filing claims Jimmy and Ashley Collins received $45 million dollars in kickbacks from a Utah pharmacy to recruit Marines, and then write them prescriptions.

Attorneys also say that no one at CHOICE MD treated or examined the TRICARE patients before prescribing them the drugs medications.

The court documents say the Collins also paid the Marines to recruit their friends to get the prescriptions.

Now, the U-S Attorney in California is trying to seize four Tennessee properties.

The Attorney's office says a home, farmland and a shopping center in Cleveland were bought using money made through those kickbacks.

The doctors who are accused of writing the prescriptions are only named by their initials.

We reached out to the attorneys for both Jimmy and Ashley Collins.

They haven't returned our calls.

You can read the full formal complaint issued by the US Attorney's office below:

Defense attorneys for Jimmy and Ashley Collins called for a dismissal of the complaint. You can read the document below:

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