Chattanooga could raise Miller Park to ground level

Chattanooga City council could be approving construction of Miller Park to revitalize Miller Park.

NewsChannel 9 spoke to Mayor Andy Berke on Tuesday.

He said currently, Miller Park is sunken down and it can feel scary to people when they walk through it.

He says if council approves construction, crews will raise the park up to street level which he says will transform the core of downtown Chattanooga.

Berke said "We have 40 thousand people who go through that area a day and it's been a place where not a lot of the people actually walk into the park and enjoy it... and we're going to re-do it so it stretches across and can feel like one space with miller plaza."

Mayor Berke says pending council approval, construction will start in the couple of months and it will take a year to get everything done.